Realize both operational and financial benefits with GateKeeper’s CVMS.

GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management Software (CVMS) can improve the financial performance of your landside operations and enhance your customer service in several important ways.


GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management Software can optimize the scarce curbside space allocated to airport ground transportation vehicles, such as taxicabs and courtesy shuttles. That means more vehicles and passengers can move through the area, and signage can more efficiently direct passengers to the correct pickup area.

The system can dispatch vehicles to multiple locations to meet demand. In fact, one GateKeeper customer uses the CVMS to move over 2,500 taxicabs and limousines a day through 5 different pickup locations at 3 separate terminals.

The CVMS also creates a direct connection between fees paid and the number of trips and/or the time spent curbside, so companies and drivers are incented to reduce both the number of trips and the time spent waiting in congested areas. As a result, congestion at peak times is reduced.

In addition, GateKeeper’s system provides detailed traffic flow data—such as the number of trips made by each mode of ground transportation, peak activity levels, peak congestion times, and fluctuations caused by weather, special events or changes in flight schedules. This information can be invaluable in making facility decisions, curb space allocations and priority location alternatives.


Expanding and maintaining airport facilities requires an increasingly large capital investment today. But GateKeeper’s CVMS can often reduce the scope of an expansion, and even delay it, by optimizing roadway and curbside facilities.

Our system can also reduce the amount of personnel needed at the curbside and for administrative purposes. Some of our customers have even been able to reduce the number of employees required at the curbside, while others have shifted their employees’ focus to the needs of passengers rather than settling disputes among drivers or controlling the flow of vehicles.


GateKeeper’s CVMS monitors the service your operators provide, so you can more easily enforce pickup and drop-off locations, track compliance with schedule commitments and target operators who violate airport regulations.

In addition, armed with details about each operator’s activity, such as the number of trips, time of day and routes taken, you can encourage changes in their service patterns, address violations, and take action on compliments or complaints.

The systems can even monitor shuttle bus operations and auto rental shuttles, so you can incorporate incentive or penalty provisions for actual performance in your service contracts.


GateKeeper’s CVMS tracks how many trips each vehicle makes to the airport, and the curb time of each trip. That allows you to charge “trip fees” that directly reflect each operator’s use of the facility, rather than arbitrary annual fees or fees based on an “honor system.” The result: your operators gain more control of their fees and adjust their service pattern accordingly and your airport receives the accurate amount of revenue

The GateKeeper system can also be configured to provide a wide range of fee structures tailored for each class of operator and/or size of vehicle. You can even incorporate special features, such as a grace period, excess circulation, or lot avoidance fees, as well as administrative fees, such as application or registration fees, transfer fees, lost tag fees and fines.


With the detailed data GateKeeper’s CVMS provides, you can proactively analyze ground transportation costs and strategically set fees. For example, you may elect to set fees to recover costs, provide incentives for certain types of transportation or charge a “privilege fee” to certain types of ground transportation. And if you lack a sound basis for setting and collecting airport ground transportation fees today, our system can ensure you can collect the activity data to provide a sound basis for setting fees in the future to charge appropriately and manage both the total amount of fees and the fees for each class of operators.

Many airports increase the total fees collected after implementing GateKeeper’s CVMS, and most recover the cost of the system in their fees.