CVM Automated Dispatch Module

Dispatch Software to Control Curbside Traffic

The GateKeeper CVM Automated Dispatch module allows for sequencing vehicles into one or more pickup areas from one or more holding areas, primarily on a first-in-first-out basis. Any type or category of vehicle can be dispatched.

This module is typically used when one or more holding areas are created where vehicles are logged into the system and automatically called to one or more pickup locations in a terminal area. In this environment, the module speeds-up the flow of vehicles through the airport, minimizes the wait time for passengers, and allows the airport to reduce or re-allocate manpower.

Major features and functions of the GateKeeper CVM Automated Dispatch module that help manage the flow of vehicles to conform to the airport business rules are:

Target Level

The module’s fundamental operating concept is to create and maintain a “target level” of vehicles at each pickup location. Users configure the number of vehicles they want kept at the pick-up location by day of the week and time of day. An almost unlimited schedule can be developed to reflect a change in passenger demand.

The system maintains the desired target level without any required user involvement. However, the system still allows for real- time adjustments to the target level to address peaks in passenger demand, special requests, construction, or other changes in operations.

Set Vehicle as “Loaded“

When a passenger is assigned to a vehicle, starters/dispatchers may mark the vehicle shown as “loaded” using the dispatch screen or a handheld device. Marking the vehicle as “loaded” immediately calls for another vehicle to move to the curb, increasing vehicle flow.

Migrate Vehicle

If more than one pickup location is configured into the system, there may be occasions when a vehicle needs to be moved or migrated to another pickup location to limit the amount of time a driver waits for a passenger.

Request Additional Vehicles

WA starter/dispatcher can request that additional vehicles be sent from the holding area to a pickup location with a single click. This allows for real-time adjustment in vehicle flows to meet passenger demand.

Special Request

Special Requests let starters/dispatchers summon a vehicle that meets unique requirements, as defined by your airport’s business rules. Typical special request criteria include handicapped access, large vehicle, accepts vouchers, accepts specific credit card, and smoking preference. Special Request queries are used to find all vehicles that meet the criteria, and send the one desired to the pickup location.

Personal Cab/Vehicle

A personal vehicle is defined as one that has been specifically requested by a passenger to be met at a specific terminal pickup location. This helps to limit vehicle access to the terminal area without first documenting the existence of a direct request for a taxi.

Mobile Device

The module can be enhanced using mobile devices such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. These devices give curbside staff access so they can:

  • See the valid or invalid status of vehicles at the curb
  • See the number of vehicles that are in transit to their location
  • Mark a vehicle as loaded as passengers enter the vehicle
  • Request additional vehicles be sent to their location

Dispatch Configuration

The module includes a number of configuration settings that enable it to be set to operate using a wide range of different airport dispatch business rules. In nearly all cases, the use of configuration settings eliminates the need for writing custom software.

Special Functions

Short Trip

Special priority is for vehicles that are returning from a low-fare trip.

Market Share

When an operator company is limited to the number of vehicles it can have in the dispatch system at the same time, the Market Share functionality provides the ability to bar any vehicles from that company to enter the holding lot.

Dispatch Priority

The module allows multiple criteria to be specified for a vehicle to be placed above or below other vehicles in the queue based on certain qualifications

Automated Dispatch Reports

In addition to 100+ regular GateKeeper CVM reports, the Automated Dispatch module includes some basic dispatch reports that track dispatched vehicle activity through the system.


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