GateKeeper CVM Financial Module

Streamline Invoicing, Fee Collection, Auditing & Financial Management

GateKeeper Systems teamed with AdComp Systems to customize its best-of-breed payment system for GateKeeper CVM to provide airports with seamless automated financial data entry and data exchange. AdComp Systems’ technology has been vetted and used by private sector and government clients since 1989.

This module gives airports effective and efficient functions for invoicing, fee collection, auditing, and financial management and delivers the full depth and breadth of a payments ecosystem.

Three "account types":

  • Pre-pay accounts require that a minimum account balance be maintained by the customer, and charges are deducted as soon as they are created.
  • Post-Pay accounts creates and sends an invoice based on a specified time period to each customer who pays each invoice as due.
  • Instant Post-Pay accounts creates an invoice based on a specified time period and charges the customer credit card on file for the amount of the balance due on the invoice.

Balance Tracking

In cases where your airport policy requires certain ground transportation operators to maintain an adequate balance in an airport account, the module creates an account for each customer so trip charges are deducted and payments made are recorded in real-time. The module tracks the balance at the start of each trip and can deny entry if the account balance is not sufficient. This works effectively if the driver must gain access to a gated area.


Ability to generate an invoice for charges generated in GateKeeper CVM which are transmitted into the Financial module for the desired time period (month, week, day, etc.). Invoices can be printed and mailed or sent electronically to your customers.

Accept Payments

  • Payment Types – accepts credit cards, ACH transfers, cash and checks.
  • Payment Options – offers dedicated payment “kiosk” which can be located anywhere at the airport, using an on-line PCI compliant website for any mobile device including smart phones and tablets.
  • Payment Receipts - provides physical paper receipt, email receipt, or text receipts.


Produces automated low/minimum balance notifications to the account owner to ensure that accounts maintain the required balance.

Customer Portal

Offers a customer portal (website) for customers to track charges, payments, account balance, and other account information look-up. Data entry is done through GateKeeper CVM for a single point for data entry and data management.


  • Customers and airport staff can view and generate reports.
  • For the airport staff, the reporting function supports reconciliation of payments, periodic audits, monitoring of delinquent accounts and other enforcement actions such as suspension of account operation at the airport.
  • For customers, the reporting function provides access to all their payment and account related activity including the ability to print invoices, account activity and make payments on their accounts.

PCI-DSS Compliance

A fully compliant PCI-DSS application that utilizes token technology to reduce the security associated with the use and storage of credit card information.


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