Airport Cooperative Research Program ACRP REPORT 146

Commercial Ground Transportation at Airports: Best Practices

2015 Copyright National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.

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This Guidebook on Ground Transportation at Airports describes best practices for managing commercial ground transportation services used successfully by the operators of airports of varying types and sizes throughout the United States, supplemented with a few Canadian examples. These best practices have helped airport operators improve the airport customer experience, support the efficient and effective operation of airport facilities, enhance airport revenues, and achieve other relevant management objectives.

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This guidebook is intended to allow airport management to compare and contrast the programs used successfully by other airport operators to improve the management and provision of commercial ground transportation services. It is expected to be particularly helpful to the airport landside and ground transportation staff responsible for the day-to-day control of commercial ground transportation operations.

The information provided herein may be used to evaluate and select best practices applicable to both individual types of service and airport-wide commercial ground transportation services.

The information contained in this guidebook is applicable to the operators of all commercial service airports regardless of their location, passenger volumes, customer demographics, physical configuration, legal and political environment, governance structure, and financial resources. The guidebook can be used by the managers of all airports regardless of their goals and objectives. As such, it presents a broad range of best practices, not all of which are applicable to every airport. The best practices are organized by type of commercial ground transportation service with supporting programs and technologies that are applicable to multiple ground transportation services described separately.


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