GateKeeper Systems has an extensive record in helping airports to improve safety, increase security, reduce congestion, cut costs and grow revenues

Founded in 1997, GateKeeper Systems builds specialized software for airports that manage all types of ground transportation, including TNC operations, parking access and airfield inspections. Our integrated, turnkey airport systems are designed using “off-the-shelf” components for affordability and reliability and can be implemented at airports of all sizes. It’s also easy to use, reliable and quick to install.

Our customers can attest to our ability to deliver what we promise. In fact, our flagship Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) software is installed in dozens of airports worldwide — more than our top three competitors combined. That shows that we understand the challenges you face in improving safety, security, and customer service while reducing vehicle congestion around terminals.

We’ve seen how no other innovation has impacted airports as quickly and extensively as the explosion of Transportation Network Companies (TNC) vehicles at airports. Fortunately, our CVM product was built with the flexibility to accommodate this new transportation business model. Our newest product, GateKeeper TNC-Ops™, provides airports of all sizes with the tools to validate activity, trip fees, and compliance with airport operational rules for TNC at a price that’s affordable to any size airport with active TNC traffic.

We know that your challenges extend to the airfield itself — your most valuable physical asset. That’s why we introduced App-139, an affordable technology that automates compliance with FAA airfield inspection requirements.

GateKeeper Systems is Your Partner

Unlike other companies, airports are the only market we serve. The team at GateKeeper has worked inside airports ourselves, and we have decades of experience in ground transportation and traffic management. We understand the unique challenges airports face and offer you solutions that have been successfully implemented in airports of nearly any size.