GateKeeper has an extensive record in helping airports improve safety, increase security, reduce congestion, cut costs and grow revenues

Founded in 1997, GateKeeper Systems provides specialized software to airports for managing ground transportation including TNC operations, parking access, and airfield inspections. Our integrated, turnkey airport systems are designed using “off-the-shelf” components for affordability and reliability. They can be implemented at airports of all sizes.

Our flagship Commercial Vehicle Management software is installed in dozens of airports worldwide—more than our top three competitors combined. And we now offer GateKeeperTNC-Ops™, robust TNC operations software to address the changing transportation marketplace. Why do so many airports turn to GateKeeper?

We understand the challenges you face in improving safety, security, and customer service while reducing vehicle congestion around terminals. Not only is air traffic growing, but operating costs continue to rise, especially to maintain facilities.

And your challenges extend to the airfield itself—your most valuable physical asset. That’s why we introduced
, affordable technology that automates compliance with FAA airfield inspection requirements.

Unlike other companies, airports are the only market we serve. The team at GateKeeper has worked inside airports ourselves, and we have decades of experience in ground transportation and traffic management. We understand the unique challenges airports face and we can provide solutions that have been successfully implemented.


Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) Software
GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) software utilizes RFID technology to monitor, track, control, charge fees and record commercial vehicle operations. The airport traffic management software significantly improves an airport’s ability to better manage curb space, create new revenue sources from ground transportation operations and improve customer service. GateKeeper Systems partners with TransCore, an industry leader in RFID tags and readers for airports, to offer the most advanced turnkey GTMS solutions for airports.

App-139: Airfield Management
GateKeeper Systems App-139 eases the administrative requirements for documenting and reporting on daily self-inspections and FAA Part 139 compliance. The software will leverage the latest technology including existing GIS (geographical information system) imaging, GPS tracking, and wireless mobile technologies. This automates safety self-inspections and the issuance of work orders and NOTAMS. Plus, App-139 combines asset tracking and reporting functionality for easy access to a complete history of airfield asset information. The software is easy to use, simple to implement and affordable for airports of any size.

GateKeeperTNC-Ops™ Software
GateKeeperTNC-Ops Software receives data from the TNCs’ systems when TNC vehicles are reported on your roadway through the deployment of geofence technology. The software helps you meet your oversight responsibility and provides you an opportunity to create TNC support data for your airport invoice system, enhance enforcement, and audit vehicle trip data. GatekeeperTNC-Ops is an affordable, reliable, easy-to-implement option to evaluate for addressing TNC activity and revenue potential at your airport.


GateKeeper enjoys a long-term strategic partnership with TransCore, the largest global manufacturer of transportation-based RFID technology. Together, the companies provide airports a complete turnkey GTMS solution, including hardware, software, installation, implementation and ongoing support.