Monterey Regional Airport selects GateKeeper Commercial Vehicle Management Software


MINNEAPOLIS, December 15, 2011GateKeeper Systems, Inc., a leader in commercial vehicle management and parking access control systems, today announced that Monterey Regional Airport In Monterey, Calif., has signed a contract to implement a Ground Transportation Management system that uses GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) Software. They are the first airport in the United States to implement a remotely hosted ground transportation management system, which offers significant advantages over locally housed server infrastructure. Monterey’s system will also use mobile RFID readers rather than installing stationary versions for greater detection of vehicle activity.

GateKeeper’s CVM software is part of an RFID-based system that automates many of the manual operational and administrative processes required to provide transportation for passengers arriving and leaving an airport. By choosing remotely hosted servers and software that are shared with other customers, the Monterey Regional Airport lowers its total cost of ownership. It also gains flexibility with hand-held mobile RFID readers rather than installing fixed readers.


About GateKeeper Systems

GateKeeper Systems has served the airport industry for more than 20 years and is recognized as a pioneer in developing and implementing integrated, real-time software for commercial vehicle management, parking access control and now software for airfield management. In 2015, the company launched its TNC-Ops™ software to give airports better accountability of TNC activity and payments. GateKeeper's turnkey systems significantly reduce congestion, dramatically increase security, creatively lower costs, and generate new sources of revenue. The company's innovative software products are installed in more than 90 airports worldwide.