Gatekeeper Systems’ TNC Management Software Adds Uber to List of Supported TNCs

MINNEAPOLIS, December 8, 2015 – The emergence of transportation network companies, also known as TNCs or rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, has changed the landscape of on-demand transportation. However, airport trip data requirements for commercial ground transportation have prevented TNCs from legally operating at many airports.

GateKeeper Systems, a pioneer in ground transportation management software, today announced Uber began offering service at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport using GateKeeperTNC-Ops™.  This agreement follows GateKeeper’s first TNC-integrated live data feed deployment with Lyft on October 26.

A long-time customer of GateKeeper, McCarran has been using the company’s commercial vehicle management system (CVMS) for more than 10 years. However the new GateKeeperTNC-Ops™ software can be implemented independent of any existing ground transportation system.

While some airports have “honor”-type agreements in place with TNCs, the TNC-Ops software represents a real-time TNC management product which tracks and records drop-off and pick-up activity of Lyft and Uber at airports. The integration with these two major TNCs helps McCarran meet oversight responsibilities and provides them with the opportunity to:

  • Create TNC support data for airport invoice systems;
  • Enhance enforcement with mobile curbside applications; and
  • Audit vehicle trip data with Trip Charge reports.

The technology benefits not only airports but TNCs and travelers as well. Now all companies that want to serve McCarran can meet the airport permit data requirements. Plus, travelers now have another option for airport transportation services, both in and out of the airport.

“Airports can offer their travelers the broadest possible choice of transportation options now that two largest TNCs can provide real-time data to the airports,” said Lynn Richardson, CEO of GateKeeper. “We look forward to having more TNCs use our software to meet airport requirements.”


About GateKeeper Systems

GateKeeper Systems has served the airport industry for more than 20 years and is recognized as a pioneer in developing and implementing integrated, real-time software for commercial vehicle management, parking access control and now software for airfield management. In 2015, the company launched its TNC-Ops™ software to give airports better accountability of TNC activity and payments. GateKeeper's turnkey systems significantly reduce congestion, dramatically increase security, creatively lower costs, and generate new sources of revenue. The company's innovative software products are installed in more than 90 airports worldwide.