Former MAC executive guides airport-software enterprise

Lynn Richardson, who served 20 years until 1997 as director of finance and deputy director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, has had a nice follow-up career as a ground-transportation software executive.

Richardson, 69, CEO of GateKeeper Systems, runs a 25-employee, ground-transportation management software firm that will post about $5 million in revenue this year and just inked Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport for its latest product. The airport has used GateKeeper’s commercial vehicle management system for a decade.

The new version is the first, due partly to traditional airport regulations, that provides a comprehensive traffic network system, including rideshare companies such as Lyft and Uber.

“We’ve done about 32 [airport] systems since our inception,” Richardson said. “They cost $200,000 to $4 million for each system, including the infrastructure [connections]. We offer an ability to sequence vehicles, open gates, close gates … and keep vehicles away from where they should be. We automate the compliance process. Most airports charge a fee per trip to each cab or limo so the system pays for itself or generates revenue. And our systems pay for themselves in 18-24 months in most cases.”

Richardson, who had a business background before the MAC, sees himself as the “surrogate customer” for airports, not the software developer.

“We make it so airports can better use manpower,” he said. “It’s business-improvement software.”

Richardson’s customers include airports at Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia and Seattle. Sales are growing 13 percent annually since 2012.

As seen in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: By Neal St. Anthony – Dec. 5 2015


About GateKeeper Systems

GateKeeper Systems has served the airport industry for more than 20 years and is recognized as a pioneer in developing and implementing integrated, real-time software for commercial vehicle management, parking access control and now software for airfield management. In 2015, the company launched its TNC-Ops™ software to give airports better accountability of TNC activity and payments. GateKeeper's turnkey systems significantly reduce congestion, dramatically increase security, creatively lower costs, and generate new sources of revenue. The company's innovative software products are installed in more than 90 airports worldwide.