Optimize curbside space, generate new revenue and improve service with GateKeeper Commercial Vehicle Management Software.

GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management Software (CVMS) combines Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with specialized software to dispatch, monitor, track, control, charge fees and record commercial vehicle operations.


  • Use limited curbside space efficiently
  • Control the movement of commercial vehicles
  • Create new revenue sources
  • Improve customer service
  • Collect extensive commercial vehicle activity information
  • Keep costs down with our off-the-shelf software that automates several functions
  • Monitor compliance with airport requirements

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GateKeeper’s CVMS helps you accurately and economically collect fees related to the use of your roadways, loading areas and holding areas. You can charge ground transportation providers based on trips to the airport, the amount of time spent at the airport, size of vehicle, type of vehicle, or a combination of these methods. Charging providers based on actual use can dramatically increase your ground transportation revenues—while decreasing the level of enforcement required. GateKeeper’s CVMS also provides the accounting, accounts receivable, invoicing and revenue control functions required to implement your airport’s fee structure.


An RFID tag with a unique identification code is placed on each vehicle or assigned to each driver and/or vehicle. The tag is detected by an RFID “reader” that is placed near the road in order to detect vehicles as they drive by. GateKeeper’s highly specialized CVM software then collects information about the activities of that vehicle or driver and controls movements by activating devices such as gates, signs, cameras and monitors.

GateKeeper’s CVMS software maintains information about each vehicle, driver and/or owner to streamline billing and reporting. In addition, the software tracks trip and operational information about each vehicle/driver, which helps you analyze activity patterns, set rates, identify violations and set new policies or regulations.

GateKeeper Systems has a strategic partnership with TransCore LLC to jointly provide turnkey Ground Transportation Management systems to airports. TransCore is the largest global manufacturer of transportation-based RFID technology with more than 46 million RFID tags and 67,000 readers deployed worldwide in various transportation applications, including airport ground transportation, parking and secure vehicle access control. Our partnership has been in place for more than 8 years and as a team we have successfully implemented more than 25 airport systems.


Because the CVMS system is highly flexible, it can be adapted and configured to your airport’s physical layout, commercial vehicle traffic flows, policies and regulations. And it can be adjusted with minimal cost to meet your changing needs over time. The system works with a variety of airport configurations:

  • Airports with open or free-flowing roadway system with no special commercial vehicle lanes or holding areas;
  • Airports with gates to limit access in to or out of designated commercial vehicle areas or roadways; and
  • Airports with a mix of open and limited-access roadways.


GateKeeper’s CVMs is available in both a Silver and a Gold version. The Silver version is designed for airports with simple roadway systems and low vehicle activity volumes and airports that prefer to phase in a broader airport ground transportation management system over time. The Gold version is designed for larger airports with large vehicle volumes and airports that want a comprehensive solution at the start. The Silver version can be expanded and upgraded by adding modules and more server capacity without interrupting the operation.