Oakland International Airport Recently Added GateKeeper Systems’ CVMS and TNC-Ops™ Software For Managing Ground Transportation

MINNEAPOLIS, November 1, 2017 — GateKeeper Systems, Inc., a leader in commercial vehicle management and parking access control systems for airports, today announced that Oakland International Airport, Oakland, California, recently added GateKeeper Systems’ CVMS and TNC-Ops™ software for managing ground transportation at the OAK airport. The full system includes:

  1. GateKeeper CVMS Software for managing Ground Transportation including Taxis Limos and shuttles.
    1. Includes GateKeeper Web Portal/Vendor Website
    2. Includes the option of integration of captured LPR data
  2. TNC-Ops Module for managing and monitoring TNC’s on the Airport


GateKeeper Systems is a pioneer in developing and implementing integrated, real-time software for commercial vehicle management, parking access control and now software for airfield management. Gatekeeper's turnkey systems significantly reduce congestion, dramatically increase security, creatively lower costs and generate new sources of revenue. The company's innovative software products are installed in dozens of airports worldwide. For more information, contact Lynn Richardson at ldr@gksys.com or 651.365.0700.