Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Upgrades to GateKeeper Systems’ Commercial Vehicle Management Software


MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 15, 2010GateKeeper Systems, Inc., a leader in commercial vehicle management and parking access control systems, today announced that Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will replace its aging vehicle management software with GateKeeper’s Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) System.

GateKeeper’s CVM software is part of an RFID-based system that automates many of the manual operational and administrative processes required to provide transportation for passengers arriving and leaving an airport. At Seattle-Tacoma, one of the 20 busiest airports nationwide, the GateKeeper CVM application will meet the current and future needs of the airport. GateKeeper’s software will also be compatible with other automated vehicle identification (AVI) systems in the region, including a local bridge toll system. So the airport could eventually integrate its software with the bridge system, allowing cars to use a single tag for both systems.

“With our CVM Software, the Seattle-Tacoma Airport will benefit from upgraded software, ongoing expert support, and the ability to expand the system to meet future needs,” said GateKeeper Systems President Lynn Richardson.

GateKeeper Systems was selected over other proposals in a competitive process. The installation, will include 7 lanes of RFID equipment that will monitor about 1,500 commercial vehicles.

GateKeeper Systems Named “Most Innovative Use of RFID” Finalist in RFID Journal Awards

MINNEAPOLIS, May 8, 2009GateKeeper Systems, Inc., a leader in integrated, real-time Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer system for tracking vehicles, today announced that its Commercial Vehicle Management (CVM) Software installed at the Philadelphia International Airport is part of a system selected as a finalist in the third annual RFID Journal Awards.

The system was one of three finalists in the category of Best Use of RFID in a Product or Service—and one of two finalists across four categories based in Minnesota. Finalists were selected based on how well they use RFID in a new or unusual way to solve a business problem, deliver a return on investment to shareholders or improve customer service.

GateKeeper’s RFID-based CVM Software automates many of the manual operational and administrative processes required to provide transportation for passengers arriving and leaving the Philadelphia airport. Parkway Corporation, the firm responsible for managing the overall ground transportation function at the airport, utilizes GateKeeper’s software to automatically control driver and vehicle access to restricted areas, create trip charges for the facility, and monitor compliance with airport regulations in order to reduce errors due to inaccurate data gathering and reporting. Automating these functions significantly enhanced traffic flow and customer service at the airport.

The GateKeeper software installed at the Philadelphia Airport has also been successfully deployed at over 20 other airports across the United States. “Our software allows airports to take advantage of RFID technology to increase revenues and lower operating costs in ways not possible with manual systems,” said GateKeeper Systems President Lynn Richardson. “This technology is a unique opportunity for airports, passengers and ground transportation operators to all see significant benefits.”

RFID Journal placed finalists in one of four award categories: Best RFID Implementation, Most Innovative Use of RFID, Best Use of RFID in a Product or Service and Best in Show.